The shortage of public benches in Venice!

Do not sit on the steps!
The pages of Il Gazzettino, the oldest of the local rags, have lately been full of articles written in fevered tones of righteous indignation against the barbaric behaviour of tourists.

Each summer visitors descend, in their hordes, on Venice and their behaviour, in the eyes of Il Gazzettino, is little short of disgraceful. 

Some of the heinous crimes they have committed have been to swim (naked!) in the canals (100 lashes), to push (push, not ride) a cycle through the streets (100 lashes and instant deportation) and, horror of horrors, to sit 'in areas not explicitly designated for the purpose' (decapitation on the spot).  

The shortage of public benches in the city may, just may, be one of the reasons for such reprehensible behaviour. Most campi have few, if any, seats. 

So the choice facing the weary visitor is either to shell out for an over-priced drink at one of the many cafes (no shortage of these) or to sit 'in areas not expressly designated for the purpose' (to quote again from an official sign) and incur the wrath of the editor of Il Gazzettino! 


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