The Ten Commandments

In the eyes of Il Gazzettino (the oldest and most prestigious of the local rags), it has been a summer to forget. The newspaper has regularly published photographs exposing the bad behaviour of some visitors (ranging from peeing in litter bins to swimming naked in the canals). The often histrionic tone of the accompanying articles is that such behaviour marks the end of civilisation as we know it. 

While not condoning, in any way, the acts of bad behaviour, it is worth pointing out that given the millions of people who visited the city this summer, the number of miscreants was really very small. 

And so, in order to avoid appearing in Il Gazzettino (for the wrong reasons), here is a basic guide to good behaviour:

Thou shalt NOT:

1. Feed the pigeons.
2. Attach locks to bridges.
3. Sit in areas not explicitly designed for the purpose.
4. Swim or bathe in the canals.
5. Walk round the city bare-chested or inappropriately dressed.
6. Wear a rucksack when travelling on the vaporetto.
7. Let your dog foul the pavement without cleaning up after it.
8. Picnic in the streets.
9. Drop litter.
10. Walk on the left side of streets or bridges.

It must be added that not all Venetians, by any means, observe rules 7,8 and 10. 


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