From one extreme to another...

Exceptional low tide (bassa marea), Venice
Bassa Marea
In November we had a spate of high tides (acque alte) and the piazza was flooded on almost a daily basis. In recent days things have swung the other way. 

On Sunday afternoon an exceptionally low tide (bassa marea) of -98 cms was recorded, well below what is defined as normal (-50). The situation was so bad that some boats were left hanging from their moorings as the sea receded. Matters were made worse by the fact that many of the owners were out of the city on holiday. 


  1. The firemen will be busy rescuing some of those poor drowned boats, when the tide rises. Always some darn thing happening in the Most beautiful City in the World.

  2. I read that the fire service was flooded (no pun intended) with calls that day...


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