A Destruction of Cats!

Courtyard, Santi Giovanni e Paolo, Venice
Venice might once have been a city of cats, but this is no longer the case. There are dogs aplenty, but very few cats. 

However, there is one place where our feline friends continue to thrive. 
Courtyard, Santi Giovanni e Paolo, Venice
A large, leafy and very secluded courtyard is home to a sizeable colony of feral cats. The courtyard is very well hidden behind the church of Santi Giovanni e Paolo (aka San Zanipolo) and can only be accessed via the hospital. It is a peaceful place, well-furnished with benches, and I often used to go there to read. The cats might be feral, but most look remarkably sleek and well-fed. 

I have just discovered that the collective noun for a group of cats is a clowder (or clutter, cluster, glaring and pounce). And if the cats are feral, it is a destruction. The things one learns on the internet! 


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